Aussie drivers name top three crash causes

Aussie drivers name top three crash causes

Drink driving, speeding and fatigue the big dangers according to drivers…

A national survey of more than 1,000 people has determined that the majority of us believe the three biggest dangers on the roads are drink driving, speeding and fatigue.

The study was commissioned by the law firm, Slater and Gordon, and Senior Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer, Joanne Panagakis, says the results give us all something to think about as we approach the Easter holidays.

“These statistics clearly show the public are aware of what are life-threatening hazards on roads,”

“But frustratingly they’re still choosing to ignore these very clear warning signs.”

75.2% of the survey respondents believed drink driving was the most common cause of Australian road crashes.

This was followed by 62.1% choosing speeding, and 42.0% selecting fatigue.

Other reasons given for road accidents included using a mobile phone while driving (37.2%) drug driving (34.9%), inexperience (13.1%), old age (4.2%), condition of the road (4.0%) and applying makeup (1.3%).

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