Audi to switch to fibre-glass springs

Audi to switch to fibre-glass springs

Steel springs set to go as Audi turns to new fibre-glass springs technology.

Audi to switch to fibre-glass springs - The fibre-glass reinforced polymer springs come in a distinctive green colour.

Car suspension springs have been made out of steel since day one. But, in a never ending quest to remove unnecessary weight, Audi is turning to cutting edge technology instead.

Fibre-glass reinforced polymer (GFRP) to be exact and the adoption of the technology isn’t just a pipedream - an upper mid-size Audi model will be fitted with the lightweight springs before the end of the year.

Developed in collaboration with an Italian supplier, Audi say the new fibre-glass springs are 40 percent lighter than traditional steel springs and when fitted a total weight saving of around 4.4 kilograms is achieved.

The GFRP springs can also be precisely tuned to their respective task, do not corrode, are impervious to chemicals such as wheel cleaners and require far less energy than the production of steel springs.

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Joel Helmes