Audi DSG transmission recall

Audi DSG transmission recall

Three Audi models recalled to address issue with dual-clutch gearbox.

Audi DSG transmission recall
Audi A1, A3 and TT models are affected.

Owners of Audi A1, A3 and TT models fitted with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox (DSG) will need to return their car to an Audi dealership under a new recall being overseen by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The ACCC say the affected models could suffer from an issue where conductive deposits may form in the gearbox control unit (due to electrolysis). These accumulations settle between the conductor paths of the electronics in the form of conductive particles and can therefore cause an electrical short circuit and the gearbox fuse could blow.

Should this happen, the clutch will fully open due to power supply failure, causing the vehicle to roll to a stop if in motion.

The recall notice says that in the majority of cases, the fault occurs when the engine is started with the vehicle stationary. If the fuse blows while the vehicle is in motion a sudden loss of power at the wheels may occur.

All other functions of the vehicle (steering, braking, etc.) remain fully active.

A letter is being sent to affected consumers and more information is available from Audi dealerships.

Joel Helmes