Audi A8 recalled over solar sunroof issue

Just seven cars affected by Audi A8 recall

A recall of just a total of seven Audi A8 cars has commenced after it was found an issue with the solar sunroof fitted to the cars could pose a hazard.

The recall affects Audi A8 vehicles fitted with a solar sunroof that were built from April 2007 through to June 2008.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is overseeing the recall.

The ACCC recall notice advising that on the affected vehicles it is possible that the glass panel is insufficiently bonded to the sliding sunroof frame due to the bonding surfaces not being clean during the production process.

The ACCC warning that if the glass panel becomes loose when the vehicle is moving, this may endanger other roads users.

Audi Australia is contacting all known owners of affected vehicles.

Those affected Audi A8 owners should then contact their nearest Audi Dealer to arrange for inspection and repair (re-bonding the glass panel of the solar sunroof).

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