Audi A4 air-bag recall

Audi A4 air-bag Recall

Recall affects more than 6700 vehicles.

Audi A4 air-bag Recall
The potentially faulty air-bag control unit could affect the operation of the air-bags in a crash.

Australian Audi A4 owners are being urged to contact their Audi dealerships to check whether their car has a potentially serious air-bag fault.

The ACCC is overseeing the recall announced this morning, a total of 6716 Audi A4 vehicles sold in Australia are involved.

The recall notice warns that the front air-bags may not inflate correctly in the event of an accident. If the air-bag does not deploy correctly there is an increased risk of injury to the front occupants during a collision.

The ACCC says owners should contact their nearest Audi dealer to arrange for inspection and repairs to take place.

Joel Helmes