ATA welcomes Coalition Election victory

Return of Liberal/National government will spell end of RSRT

ATA welcomes Coalition Election victory

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has welcomed the re-election of the Coalition government.

Before the poll the ATA had handed the Malcolm Turnbull led government a score of three out of three on its pre-election commitments to the trucking industry.

One of those cornerstone policies was the dismantling of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT).

ATA Chief, Christopher Melham, said the Coalition retaining power is the best possible outcome for truck owners and operators.

“Small trucking businesses subject to the RSRT’s price-fixing order found that it increased costs by 20-30%.

They could not compete; their survival was at risk. The election result has lifted this threat from their businesses,”

While Mr Melham has urged the government to focus on implementing its policy commitments.

“The Coalition committed to spend an extra $4 million a year on truck safety measures, with the money coming from the abolition of the RSRT,”

“These safety measures must now be locked down. In the industry’s view, the NHVR should be charged with co-ordinating an information campaign for car drivers about how to share the road safely with trucks.

“The campaign should run nationally, including in WA and the NT.”

And he said he looked forward to the new government working with the industry to address the business challenges faced by trucking operators.

“The vast majority of trucking operators are small businesses. They can face extended payment terms, but still need to pay their own creditors.

“The ATA has called for the development of a mandatory code under the Competition and Consumer Act to cover payment terms for these businesses, including a ban on unfair set offs and pay when paid arrangements.

“The Government must also continue to work on eliminating the overcharging of truck and bus operators.

“In addition, the Government must work with the states to improve the way infrastructure projects are selected and funded.

“Sound infrastructure investment is essential for lifting Australia’s productivity, but governments have to build the right projects at the right price.” he said.


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