ATA slams TWU RSRT ad campaign

ATA slams TWU RSRT ad campaign

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says a new Transport Workers Union (TWU) television commercial exploits children and ignores the need for practical measures to improve truck safety.

The commercial can be seen here…

ATA Chair, Noelene Watson says the ad is ghoulish and completely ignored independent reports showing the RSRT payments order had no proven safety benefits.

“The TWU knows there is no proven link between price fixing and safety, so they have resorted to the disgraceful tactic of exploiting children to make their claims,”

“Even the figures the TWU used to support the RSRT’s introduction in the first place were flawed.

“Until recently, the TWU claimed the trucking industry had an average of 330 deaths per year. They stopped using this number when the ATA pointed out that the figure was from 1999, and included fatalities in bus accidents.

“The TWU hasn’t changed tactics either, the figures used in this advertising campaign include accidents that were, tragically, due to other drivers.

“In the TWU advertisements, the truck driver’s employer pushes the driver to continue driving while fatigued. But under reforms supported by the ATA, an employer doing this could be subject to penalties of the order of $3 million. The company’s directors could go to jail for up to five years.

“Of course, there’s more to do - even one accident is too many, and every accident is a tragedy. However, fixing prices will not deliver safety gains.

“The TWU should join the ATA in calling for practical road safety measures that will save lives for real, now and in the future.”

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