ATA releases updated Truck Impact Chart

New guide aims to assist operators assess the impact of HPFVs

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has just released an updated version of their Truck Impact Chart (TIC).

Containing updated info on vehicle combinations and axle loadings, the 2016 version of the TIC also includes info on the number of trips required to move 1,000 tonnes, fuel use and driver requirements etc.

Chris Loose, Senior Engineering Adviser to the Association, says in essence it provides guidance on the impacts of using different truck combinations for different transport tasks.

“The updated truck impact chart clearly shows that larger trucks can reduce the number of truck trips required to move a load of goods, reduce fuel needs, reduce emissions and reduce the amount of road space needed to move goods from A to B,”

“When deciding what truck combination to use or allow on our roads to do a particular job we need to pay attention to the wide range of truck impacts in order to make the right call.”

Mr Loose said the updated TIC also provides info on emissions, fuel quality, license requirements, safety statistics, and impacts such as low speed swept paths.

The latest edition of the Truck Impact Chart (TIC) can be downloaded here.

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