ATA releases encouraging fatal truck crash data

ATA releases encouraging fatal truck crash data

The changes in attitudes towards road safety and improved vehicle technologies are being credited with the significant fall in fatal articulated truck crashes over the past three decades.

ATA releases encouraging fatal truck crash dataThe Australian Trucking Association (ATA) today released new data that shows fatal crashes involving articulated trucks fell 80% between 1982 and 2015.

What makes that result even more pleasing is the number of articulated trucks on the nation’s roads doubled during that time.

The figures were compiled by the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) at the University of Adelaide from government statistics.

ATA CEO Christopher Melham paid tribute to those in industry that have strived to make the roads safer for truck drivers and other road users.

“Safety is always the trucking industry’s first priority. These figures show the dramatic improvement we have achieved, with the fatal crash rate for articulated trucks falling by 80% between 1982 and 2015,”

“Even as truck and car numbers have grown, the rate of fatal accidents has fallen thanks to better roads, improvements in vehicle design, stronger laws and the industry’s own commitment to safety.

Mr. Melham said embracing new technology, such as stability control for trucks and trailers, would also help drive the crash statistics down.

The ATA is lobbying both sides of politics to make stability control mandatory on new trucks and trailers, more details on that here.

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