ATA gives Coalition full marks in pre-election report card

ATA gives Coalition full marks in pre-election report card

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) has awarded the Liberal-National Coalition full marks on its pre-election commitments to the trucking industry.

The Turnbull Government was handed a three out of three score card by the ATA, one point ahead of the ALP and two points above the Greens.

The three issues: no Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, practical measures to improve road safety, and supporting stronger trucking businesses.

ATA Chair Noelene Watson telling us only the Coalition has supported the removal of the RSRT.

“In this campaign, the trucking industry called on political parties and candidates to confirm they would not re-establish the RSRT or any similar price-fixing mechanism.

“The Coalition abolished the RSRT and has pledged not to re-establish it or anything like it. In contrast, the Labor Party would bring back a forum to fix prices in our industry.”

However, Mrs Watson did say that the ALP scored a point for backing road safety.

“The Labor Party has a long record of investment in better roads and has emphasised its support for strong chain of responsibility laws.

“These laws are needed to hold our customers to account.”

The the Greens got only one tick, for their support for an audit of truck driver training providers.

“The Greens supported the RSRT and voted against its abolition.” Mrs Watson said.

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