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ATA demands new truck law commencement date

2018 will see new laws introduced, but when?

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) says there needs to be a date confirmed for the introduction of new truck laws.

Promised to start in 2018, at this stage no one in the industry is aware of when in 2018 they will take effect, according to ATA Chair, Geoff Crouch.

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“The ATA and its members lobbied strongly for the new laws, but we do not yet have a defined starting date.

“The new laws include a new primary safety duty for all businesses in the road freight transport chain of responsibility, including the extension of the laws to maintenance, a due diligence obligation on company executives, and a massive increase in maximum penalties,”

“These laws are needed to stop large industry customers from pressuring trucking businesses into operating unsafely on the road.”

Mr Crouch says the chart below shows the increase in crashes involving articulated trucks on Australian roads and proves action needs to be taken quickly by the government…truck crash stats australia

“The truck accident rate won’t be acceptable until it’s zero, but we are making progress – and the changes we are seeking will result in further progress.”

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We will keep you updated as further info on the new Australian truck laws comes to hand.

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