Apple makes phone use safer while driving

Apple makes phone use safer while driving

iPhones to provide less distraction behind the wheel…

Communications conglomerate Apple have upgraded their software for iPhones making it safer for drivers by providing less of a distraction.

Data shows that one in five crashes are potentially caused by driver distraction and the undeniable use of smartphones has contributed to that statistic.

So changes have been made to the iOS software now offering a new mode called ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’.

The feature can detect when the owner is driving and turn off all notifications not giving drivers the temptation to check their phone and reply to messages.

It can also sent an automatic test reply, just like an email service, to inform contacts that the owner is currently driving.

Road safety charity Brake says the new update will help drivers stay focused on the road instead of on their phones.

Spokesman for Brake, Jason Wakeford says they hope this feature will become commonplace.

“Drivers should have the expectation that if they use a mobile phone behind the wheel, they will be caught and punished and we would like to see similar initiatives from other phone manufacturers.”

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