Apple electric car here in 2019

Apple electric car here in 2019

Report says Apple will have electric car on market this decade.

Apple electric car here in 2019 - we could see an Apple iCar on the roads in 2019.

It’s a big leap up from iPhones and iPads, yet Apple looks set to push ahead with plans to join the car industry.

The Wall Street Journal reports today that Apple will have their EV on the market in the U.S. and other markets by 2019 and a team of 600 people have been employed to make it all happen.

Some of those team members have been recruited from other car manufacturers and have expert skills in electric vehicles.

However, at this stage Apple is yet to even confirm plans to build a car with very little info coming out of the secretive tech company. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook was quizzed about the companies EV plans just last week and declined to comment on the matter.

Sources previously told the news agency – Reuters that Apple was developing a car and studying self-driving technology, but one thing Apple has confirmed is that doesn’t currently plan to make its first EV fully autonomous, according to the Wall Street Journal.

We will keep you updated.

In other EV news; Electric car sales top one million and Porsche unveils the Mission E concept.

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