Apple CarPlay for Scania trucks in Australia

Apple CarPlay for Scania trucks in Australia

Updated infotainment system brings Apple CarPlay…

We’ve got big wraps on the Apple CarPlay software and now drivers of Scania trucks in Australia will soon have access to the smartphone interface.

Ignoring the obvious name issue (AppleTruckPlay anyone?), the system will be introduced as standard in new Scania trucks from around the middle of the year.

Scania is among the first in the industry to offer Apple CarPlay in heavy trucks.

Björn Fahlström is the Vice President of Product Management at Scania Trucks, he says Apple CarPlay would provide drivers with smart, safe and smooth access to all the functionality of iPhones.

“Apple CarPlay support is being introduced in June 2017, and earlier devices can be updated, provided that they have voice recognition.

“By introducing this functionality, we will offer even more driver comfort and increased safety.

“For truck drivers, who spend a lot of time behind the wheel, everything that makes life on the road easier, simpler and safer is very much appreciated.”

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