Amphibious vehicle market tipped to boom

Amphibious vehicle market tipped to boom

Demand on the up for amphibious vehicles

We recently covered predictions (again) that it would only be a matter of time before at least some of us ditch the roads and hit the sky in flying cars.

Now we can also report that another dual-environment vehicle is also being tipped for a bright future - amphibious vehicles.

The land/water vehicle market will top $4.6 billion (AUD) by 2022.

Unfortunately for those of us with a sense of adventure, only a small percentage of that annual turnover will actually be water-going cars and personal transport.

Instead, the growth is tipped to come from the commercial vehicle and construction segments (such as below).

A new report by Reportlinker has predicted the strong growth in the amphibious vehicle market over the next five years as demand for vehicles suitable for use in dredging applications climbs.

World tensions are also set to boost demand for amphibious combat vehicles.

So, it looks like we shouldn’t be holding our breath for a feasible car/boat option in the near future at least…blast!

Would you rather a feasible/safe flying car or amphibious car? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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