American trucks for Australian industrial operations

American trucks for Australian industrial operations

American vehicle importers, Shogun Conversions, has announced it will be offering a new range of American heavy-duty pick-up trucks in Australia aimed primarily at commercial vehicle applications.

Shogun today confirmed it had teamed up with Australian Industrial Vehicles (AIV) to import, convert and distribute heavy duty super trucks such as the Dodge RAM, Ford F150 and Toyota Tundra, with the focus being on meeting the needs of Australian industrial operations, rather than the general public.

Shogun Conversions Director, Herman Urriola, tells us there is a market in Australia for strongly built, powerful vehicles to carry or tow heavy loads, transport a 5-6-man work crew, and operate safely and effectively on and off the road.

“To date Shogun has focussed on carrying out custom conversions on a range of high quality cars and recreational vehicles for private customers through franchised agents.

“The production capacity of the Shogun factory in the Philippines has provided us with an opportunity to expand our business to commercial vehicles.”

“By concentrating on producing a large number of a few selected vehicles we will be able to significantly reduce conversion costs and hence the price to purchasers, while maintaining the very high safety and quality standards Shogun is well-known for.”

Check out more details on the new American truck range on the Shogun Conversions website.

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