Altrex Anti-Theft Rego Plate Screws Review

Altrex Anti-Theft Rego Plate Screws Review

Joel Helmes looks at a simple solution to protect your rego plates.

Altrex Anti-Theft Rego Plate Screws Review
Simply remove the standard screws holding your rego plates.

Registration plate theft is a fairly common occurrence in Australia.

When you think about why thieves want your plates, mostly to commit crimes in stolen cars, then some insurance against losing them to this fate is a no-brainer.

Altrex has an anti-theft security screw set that can help save you the inconvenience of losing your license plates, without spending a fortune or affecting the look of your car.

Altrex Anti-Theft Rego Plate Screws Review
The kit contains different screw types, match them up with your old screws…
Altrex Anti-Theft Rego Plate Screws Review
And simply screw the new ones in.

Summing it up: the installation process is simple and shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. I did however test whether the security screws can be removed with a flat head screwdriver – the verdict is that yes, the screws can be turned back out, but it will take quite a lot of time and effort.

So, at least you know that if you ever need to remove your plates you can, a pair of multi-grips will probably speed up the process.

Once again though, if you’re a thief, you would target a car with normal registration plate screws first. Altrex also recommend that for added theft protection a set of their number plate protectors is a good idea.

Retailing for $6.99 and available on the Altrex website, Anti-theft Rego Plate Lock Security Screws look like a great idea.

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