AL-KO braked axles recalled over safety concerns

Caravans and campervans could be fitted with faulty braked axles…

AL-KO braked axles recalled over safety concerns

A safety recall of AL-KO International braked axles has been initiated a potentially dangerous manufacturing fault was identified.

The recall is being overseen by the ACCC and affects caravans and camper trailers with solid beam and independent suspension axles fitted with 10″ electric brakes.

The suspect axles were fitted to caravans from brands including:

  • Jayco Corporation
  • Jurgens Caravans
  • Spaceland Caravans
  • Olympic Caravans
  • New Age Caravans
  • Preston Chassis Industries
  • Concept Caravans

The ACCC recall notice advises that the affected axles carry a manufacture date code on beam axles of 3716 & 3816 and on independent suspension 603879 & 603881.

Poor weld penetration on 10″ Electric brake mount flanges welded to stub axles on beam axles and independent suspension rubber axles fitted to caravans and camper trailers.

What are the hazards?

Should the mount plate weld fail, the trailer braking effectiveness will be affected and this could possibly cause an accident and potential injury.

Owners of affected caravans and camper trailers will be contacted by mail and are advised to call their closest dealer or authorised service agent immediately and book their van in for inspection and possible rectification.

Those found faulty will have a replacement axle supplied and fitted at no cost.

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