More affordable Tesla Model S now available

Tesla Motors has a more affordable version of the Model S available now to buyers overseas.

The lower-priced version of the Tesla Model S electric sedan is aimed at tapping into the enthusiasm for its coming Model 3 and boost flagging sales growth of its existing cars.

US pricing starts from $66,000 US ($89,000 AUD), or about 9% less than the previous entry-level Tesla Model S.

The ‘budget priced’ version of the Model S features a battery modified to limit its travel range to about 200 miles on a charge (320km).

It also can be purchased in an all-wheel-drive configuration, which is is priced from $71,000 (US). Despite the lower price tag it still gets access to the company’s fast-charging network for no additional fee.

It also comes standard with Autopilot driver-assist hardware.

The new lower-priced Tesla Model S variant is yet to be confirmed for Australia, we will keep an eye on the situation.

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