Aerpro Smart Phone Holder Review Part Two

Simon Lai has part two of our review of Aerpro Smart Phone holders.

Aerpro Smart Phone Holder Review Part Two
Aerpro Smart Phone Holder Review Part Two.

We’re taking a look at more smartphone holders from the Aerpro range thanks to TDJ Australia.

This style of holder comes in two variations: one with two 12v sockets and the other possesses a 12v sockets coupled with a USB input.

The phone (GPS or mp3 player) sits above the double barrelled inputs in a swivel cradle and the whole unit is adjustable to help you find the right angle.

Aerpro Smart Phone Holder Review Part Two
The sockets give you the option of two different devices one of which may be your phone itself.

In the car I test them out in, the 12V plug was situated too close to the gear stick. So like with every cradle on the market, find a design that suits your needs and fits your car.

Both designs retail for $24.99.

The Aerpro range is available from Masters, Supercheap Auto, Autobarn, Autopro, Repco, Car Audio Masters and independent car audio retailers.

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