Acela Monterra trucks to debut in Canada

Acela Monterra trucks to debut in Canada

U.S. built extreme-duty trucks ready to debut…

The Acela Truck Company is gearing up to show their new extreme-duty 4×4 and 6×6 trucks in Canada.

The start-up truck manufacturer is aiming to disrupt a market that they say hasn’t seen new competition in decades.

What’s interesting about the company is that they don’t build truck chassis from the ground up, instead they take U.S. Army Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTVs) and refurbish/rebuild them.

The end result, according to Acela, are trucks that are in essentially zero-mile condition and are ready to take on testing applications such as oil and gas, mining, pipeline construction and forestry.

Key features of the Acela Monterra include full-time all-wheel drive, 330hp Caterpillar 7.2 litre turbo-charged diesel engine, Allison 7-speed automatic transmission, and a huge 30-inch water fording capability.

Acela Truck Company President and CEO David Ronsen says the trucks are more durable, capable and extreme than any others available.

“We’re here to fill that niche need and help our customers improve productivity while cutting their capital costs with the most capable truck chassis they’ve ever had.”

Acela Truck Company will debut its trucks at the upcoming Global Petroleum Show in Canada.

Check out more details on the Acela Trucks website.

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