5700XE pushes Western Star Trucks higher

5700XE pushes Western Star Trucks higher

The North American truck market isn’t enjoying great times in 2016, however Western Star Trucks are finding a growing number of new owners.

5700XE pushes Western Star Trucks higherDespite the headwinds, Western Star has managed to grab 3.0% of the truck market so far this year, that’s up from 2.6% share in the same period last year. The brand is also on track to sell twice as many trucks as it did in the US and Canada in 2010.

Australia remains the third-largest market for Western Star Trucks with 5% of all says occurring here.

Commenting on the positive North American results, Western president, Kelley Platt, said things are going in the right direction for the brand.

“Our product line is diverse and comprehensive and fully capable of appealing to any truck customers.”

While one new Western Star product that most likely won’t be coming to Australia, the Western Star 5700XE, has helped lift those sales.

The fuel efficient and aerodynamic prime mover is proving popular despite only being offered with an integrated Detroit Diesel powertrain.

On-highway and municipal segment manager with Western Star, Mike Guarino, says testing has shown the 5700XE has the second best fuel economy in the segment and this is equating to sales.

“We saw a need in the marketplace and decided to do it and do it the right way.”

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