2018 Suzuki Swift Sport debuts in Frankfurt

Lighter, faster Swift Sport coming soon to Australia

The new-generation Suzuki Swift will soon be complete with the arrival of the new Suzuki Swift Sport.

Set for an official debut this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport promises an even more engaging drive than previous generation versions.

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The big changes in the new-gen model include a significant weight reduction of up to 80kg (now weighing-in around 970kg).

While the 1.4 litre turbocharged BOOSTERJET engine promises 103kW (@ 5,000rpm) and 230Nm.

That torque output is up a healthy 70Nm over the current/outgoing Suzuki Swift Sport and that gives the model a competitive torque-to-weight ratio of approximately 4.2 kg/Nm.

A six-speed manual transmission has also been confirmed for the new-gen model and it will also feature 17” alloys and Monroe sports suspension.

Buyers are also set to be offered some new colours, including Burning Red Metallic and Speed Blue Metallic, and the Champion Yellow, as above, continues also.

Masao Kobori, chief engineer of the new Suzuki Swift, says the new Swift Sport picks up where the old model left off.

“We know that our customers value a dynamic driving experience above everything else, so for the third-generation Swift Sport our development concept was “Ultimate driving excitement”.

“We had a brilliant foundation to work from, because the new Swift platform is incredibly light and rigid.

“It’s lighter, sharper, quicker.

It’s more aggressive and emotive, but we’ve also refined the elements that make it practical to use every day—the clutch feel, the manual transmission shift throw, the seats and steering wheel.

“Everything that puts the driver at the heart of the experience.”

We will bring you updated Australian info for the new Suzuki Swift Sport as it comes to hand.

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