2018 Mercedes-AMG Roadster here in September

AMG GT Roadsters coming soon

Mercedes-AMG created a storm when it launched the Porsche rivalling AMG GT Coupe, further stirring the pot a few months later with the race-oriented AMG GT-R.

Now there’s two soft top roadster versions coming to Australia in September.

Called the AMG GT Roadster and the AMG GTC Roadster with the former an ‘entry level’ model and the GTC an all bells and whistles version with more power, performance and more kit to match the extra dollars.

Both have a triple layer folding soft top that takes 11 seconds to deploy or retract at speeds up to 50km/h.

Both run a twin turbo, 4.0 litre, V8 engine with 350kW/630Nm in the GT and 410kW/680Nm on the GTC.

The extra poke in the GTC comes from a higher boost level from its turbo system.

It’s a transaxle set-up with the direct injection engine up front and gearbox/differential at the back for better weight distribution.

A 0-100km/h sprint in the GT takes 4.0 seconds, 3.7 in the C version.

Drive is to the rear wheels via a dual clutch seven speed transmission with multiple drive modes.

Mercedes-AMG GTC RoadsterWhile AMG’s race experience gives it the inside running on suspension and dynamic set-up and the roadsters benefit with the C model scoring active rear wheel steering, and fully adaptive suspension.

Inside, both get the full luxury treatment with nappa leather, advanced driver-assist technology and premium audio/connectivity.

The AMG GT roadsters will start beyond $300,000.

We’ll bring you more details, including Australian pricing and final local specs when confirmed by Mercedes-Benz.

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