2018 Holden Trax LT Review


Since appearing in showrooms a year ago, the Holden Trax has captured the attention of SUV buyers, clocking up pretty decent sales figures in its class.

And after a week in the delightful little Trax LT, I can see why.

I’m not so big on the small SUV variety as I’ve made known previously, but the Holden Trax is just one of those basic vehicles, not big on frills but simple and easy to drive.


With a body that holds the current standard for SUV shapes, the Trax doesn’t really stand out in traffic but is still pleasing to the eye all the same.

The nose has an open mouth grille with fog lamps low on the fascia, plus LED daylight running lights however, the headlights are only halogen.

The rest of the exterior sports chrome highlights with roof rails on top and 18” alloys under the carriage.


Even though the Trax is a lower spec model the interior has an acceptable dash design with nice curves, materials and stitching highlights.

But like car of a similar ilk, cabin storage is minimal and small, with a small cubby, no centre box, though there are several cup holders.

Seats are presentable with a combo of imitation leather with fabric, and the driver gets a fold down armrest.

The left foot rest could have done with more support.

The rear seating is on the cramped side and would be hard to fit three adults.

Boot space is limited but I still managed to fit a pram in sideways, and the seats back do fold down for more space.

To store more vertical items, the seat bases do flip forward and sit in the foot well though the connecting supports are loose and flimsy but that’s not really crucial.


In the centre of it all is the 7” touchscreen with Holden MyLink system, and digital radio (DAB+), Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto

For the driver is push button start cruise control, passive keyless entry with door button and a standard sized sunroof.

Beyond that, everything else on the dash is basic but functional – manual A/C, traditional dial gauges, and a monochromatic driver info display that could be more comprehensive.

Though the controls are simple throughout, they do have a good feel and are smooth to operate and everything is of an acceptable quality and standard.

Only components that are a little rough around the edges are the rather stiff foldable driver armrest, gear shifter, and the steering wheel controls were a tad on the small side; tricky for fat fingers.

Drive and Engine

For a humble 1.4 litre (103kW/200Nm) turbo engine you can expect too much and the Trax wasn’t all that powerful.

It could do with some more gusto and found to be lacking despite the turbo.

However, given its size the LT was acceptable and okay for city driving.

Being small means it was easy to throw around and kept its balance in corners and around roundabouts.

Steering is not most direct but keeps good control of vehicle, and you maintain good contact with ground.

Fuel economy came in at a slightly high 9.2L/100km.


Not much to mention in regards to safety with no advanced driver assist technology.

Fundamental safety inclusion such as front and side airbags, brake assist and hill start assist are about the limit.

Though the Holden Trax still earnt a 5-Star ANCAP safety rating

Good Bits

  • Simple and easy to drive
  • Dashboard design
  • Flip out rear seat bases
  • Good handling
  • Digital radio

Not so good bits

  • Lack of power
  • Low of safety features
  • Basic features and controls


The mid spec Holden Trax LT is priced from $28,890 while the base model LS and top of the range LTZ come in at $26,490 and $30,490 respectively.

The top grade model is fitted with blind spot alert and heated front seats.

This is reasonable pricing for a runabout that is elementary but doesn’t look or feel rudimentary.

The engine may be underpowered but overall it is easy to drive, comes with a touchscreen and digital radio and fold out rear seat bases for extra storage.

Facts and Figures: 2018 Holden Trax LT 

  • Engine: 1.4L four-cylinder turbo petrol 103kW/200Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed automatic
  • Warranty: 3 Years/100,000km
  • Safety: Five Stars
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Price: From $28,890

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