2017’s Most Dog Friendly Cars Unveiled

BMW, Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Volvo cars make list

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There’s no doubting for many Australian families the dog, or dogs, is/are a very important member of the family.

And we’re sure the wants and needs of a dog are a prime consideration among many car buyers.

So, which new cars are the most dog-friendly in 2017? Autotrader in the U.S. reckon they know.

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The publication has listed seven different models as having features and attributes that make life on the road easier for owner and faithful companion(s).

Five of the most dog-friendly cars of 2017 are available now in Australia, while a fifth is about to land in Australia with Holden badges – the Chevrolet Equinox.

2017’s Dog Friendly Cars (available in Australia):

Autotrader editor, Brian Moody, says the publication’s editorial team worked hard to find the best cars that offer comfort and safety features for both human and dog passengers.

“The vehicles on our list are equipped with key features such as fold-flat seating, rear seat covers and low ride height that allow dog lovers and their pets to have a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience on the road.”

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What makes a dog-friendly car? How often do you travel with your dog? What do you do to make the trip enjoyable for them?

Let us know your dog in car stories in the comments section below.

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