2017’s Best Car Interiors named

Survey says features, comfort top priority

It makes sense to hear that the top priority for car buyers is a comfortable interior.

After all, that’s where we spend an awful lot of time now a days!

UK motoring publication, What Car?, has just completed a survey of 4000 car owners and asked them to nominate their top priorities when buying a car.

It was found that indeed a comfortable and quiet interior with good features was their top priority when choosing their car (56% of respondents).

A nice cabin finished ahead of price (54%), exterior styling (47%) and fuel economy (44%).

While the publication’s expert test team has also voted on the best new car interiors of 2017

Steve Huntingford, What Car? editor tells us the results show a nice interior isn’t just reserved for big-spenders.

“Interior quality, comfort, refinement and overall design are crucial factors when deciding which new car to purchase.

“Car makers have got incredibly good at giving buyers beautifully-designed and built interiors, even on cars that don’t cost the earth.”

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