2017 Suzuki Swift GLX Review

2017 Suzuki Swift GLX Road test, Review

Following up from my look at the base model Swift, I test drove the top spec Suzuki Swift GLX to gain a thorough sample of the range.

And I was more content with the second drive than I was with the former.

I can’t honestly say it’s a much better car, in fact, it’s a completely different car.

The GLX variant comes with a turbo engine, auto transmission, and a few more bells and whistles.

The tiny 3-cylinder, 1.0 litre petrol engine sounds minuscule compared with the 1.2 litre manual, but modern turbocharged engines can really work wonders.

Taking off is more energetic and possessing a sprightliness befitting of a car this size. Still, it’s no speedster.

The steering, which was a major issue in the bottom level Swift, is vastly improved in the GLX – more direct and assured without the wishy-washy feel.

Though not as low as the no-frills GL, the average fuel consumption came out quite economical at the end of the week with 6.3L /100km. A bit of a heavy foot at the turbo produced that.

It’s just a better put together car with some unexpected inclusions.

Adaptive cruise control, reverse camera with sensors and keyless entry are great conveniences which were absent in the GL.

Dash design and materials throughout the cabin are slicker too.

Some other advanced kit include speed limiter, paddle shifters, LED headlights, digital A/C, push button start, and hill hold.

And in the driver info display a driving time clock, a handy tool which I’ve rarely, if ever, seen in other models.

The audio display has also upgraded from the GL with Suzuki fitting in their standard touchscreen with 4-quadrant interface which I’ve said previously is one of the best on the market for response and Bluetooth connection.

Apple CarPlay/Andriod Auto and sat-nav are all accessible from here.

These features do raise the price from the $15,990 GL by seven grand to $22,990.

But with that you get improved safety such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning and the not so common weaving alert (similar to lane sway).

The AEB was a tad sensitive, not that it was in touch with its feelings, but set off the alarm prematurely at times when I was pretty far from the lead car.

Though, it’s pleasing to see the inclusion of the technology which Behind the Wheel is always advocating for all cars.

Like many other current model cars, the Suzuki Swift GLX has a double lock in the doors, meaning that when the drier gets out, you can’t open the other doors from the outside unless using the key or the internal switch that unlocks all doors.

I know it’s fitted as a safety feature but can be a nuisance when you’re in a hurry.

Speaking of door handles, a new stylistic feature are hidden door handles on the rear doors.

I had an issue with the left-hand side one as it would always stick and require a yank on the latch to get it open. Let’s hope this is isolated to just this vehicle.

All in all, a well put together little hatch, but with so many other competitors on the market offering better features and value for money, the Turbo Swift may find a hard time.

NUTS and BOLTS 2017 Suzuki Swift GLX

  • Engine: 1.0L turbo petrol producing 82kW/160Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed automatic
  • Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km
  • Safety: Not yet tested
  • Origin: Japan
  • Price: from $22,990

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