2017 Nissan Navara ST-X Review

2017 Nissan Navara ST-X road test and review…

The Nissan Navara doesn’t seem to secure the amount of attention it deserves for what is a well put together utility ideal for the tradie or dual purpose family car.

Often in month-to-month sales figures the Navara performs satisfactorily, falling behind the Mitsubishi Triton, Holden Colorado and of course the immovable Ford Ranger and Toyota HiLux.

Nissan have done away with the NP300 moniker, naming the current model the Nissan Navara ST-X, rolling off the tongue as easily as the ute rolls over rough terrain.

A 4×4 dual cab auto, the ST-X is the top of the range offering and for $54,490 you get all the practical features any tradesman want in a ute.

Touchscreen with sat nav, a compass on the rear view mirror, heated seats, reverse camera, hill descent, and a small rear sliding window which I can only assume is to pat your cattle dog on the head from the cabin.

It can be a lot of work to get off the mark - no bounding acceleration - but strong pulling power thanks to the 450Nm of torque and 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity.

Grip isn’t an issue with the hefty 18” alloys encircled by 55/60 tyres and you’ll travel  long way on them with an 80L diesel fuel tank and a consumption of 10.2L/100km that we encountered.

Interestingly, the steering wheel isn’t light and easy to turn like in other utes to help with manoeuvrability but I found the tighter feel more appropriately matched to the Navara’s size.

You hear quite a bit of heavy clatter from the diesel motor when you step down but the vehicle feels wide, solid and stable with very compliant suspension.

Much has been made of the recent retune to the coil spring suspension, and while supplying a nice ride, may provide too much absorption to comfortably carry the 941kg payload limit.

The standard sized tray is decorated by a chrome sports bar and a beaut feature are the robust repositionable tie-down hooks/anchors that slide along a track on the sides of the tray.

Though if you’re not using it for heavy lifting, it serves dutifully for the occasional load or the tools in the back and as a family car.

Having said that, I was surprised not to find any ISOFIX anchors on the rear seats especially in an upper spec model.

But if being used as a mixture of work, slash, family car, the Nissan Navara ST-X is one to get the job done.

NUTS and BOLTS 2017 Nissan Navara ST-X

Engine: 2.3L twin turbo diesel producing 140kW and 450Nm

Transmission: Seven-speed automatic

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: Thailand

Price: From $54,490

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