2017 Kia Rondo S Review

2017 Kia Rondo S Road Test, Review

As with last week’s review of the Kia Soul, the Kia Rondo is another in the range that doesn’t get much love and one, that I assumed, was due to its basic construction.

However, this isn’t the case as we discovered in the Soul, Kia’s fit and finish is consistent across the range from the cheap and cheerful to the premium.

It should be more popular and while Kia only sells a handful of these a year, I would dare say those customers are quite happy with their purchase.

The Kia Rondo S is the normal 5-seater version priced from a competitive $26,990.

Given its dimensions, the Rondo is more station wagon-esque while there is a 7-seater people mover variant in the same body for $31,490.

Both have a drivetrain consisting of a 2.0 litre petrol engine and a six speed sports automatic transmission and drives as well any standard sedan on the market.

Though it only pumps out an ordinary 122kW and 213Nm, the Rondo still managed to drink 10.6L/100km or fuel according to the gauge.

Driving dynamics are adequate with no laggy acceleration and the steering is light and smooth like the in the Soul but maybe just not as velvety.

This feel for the road can be controlled by three selectable steering modes - tighter in sport and more free in comfort – though the steering wheel itself is quite basic with a traditional textured surface.

Other wheel controls include a speed limiter and cruise control while all the other switchgear are comprehensive and well presented.

It’s all the small details that make moderately priced car ranges like Kia just that little bit better than their competitors, from the choice of materials to even the feel of the buttons and dials and even the selection of font on the dash.

The centre display is on the small side at 4.3” but it is a touch screen and does all that’s required. It even contains a rear view camera.

Visibility is good at the front with a Small quarter window splitting the A-pillar into two.

The driver is kept comfortable with, again, high quality fabric seats that are tightly upholstered in durable, well-stitched material.

The back seat passengers can customised their adjustment with all three seat sections moving back and forth independently of one another, a feature rarely seen.

The middle seat can fold down to reveal a tray table and cup holders and as such doesn’t have a child seat anchor in the rear.

The seats on either side possess ISOFIX ports which are elementary but practical, with an exposed anchor in a hard plastic housing for easy installation.

Nothing worse than ports that are tucked away and hard to find and even harder to access.

Behind them is a boot space similar to that of a small SUV and I can’t imagine how two extra seats are crammed into the third row in the larger capacity Rondo.

However, there is copious underfloor storage with several removable flaps and a cargo blind.

Once again, another top notch offering from Kia that covers all the basic necessities but doesn’t get much attention.

NUTS and BOLTS 2017 Kia Rondo S

  • Engine: 2.0L petrol producing 122kW/213Nm
  • Transmission: Six-speed sports automatic
  • Warranty: 7 Year/Unlimited km
  • Safety: Five Stars
  • Origin: South Korea
  • Price: From $26,990

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