2017 Honda Civic tops small car comparison test

Cars.com ranks Civic ahead of Cerato, Impreza…

The world might be going nuts for SUVs at the moment, however the small car market still has plenty of life left in it.

Why wouldn’t it? No other category has more choice, or more quality models on offer.

The team at Cars.com in the U.S. have just put eight popular 2017 small sedans against each in other in a major comparison test and it was the impressive new Honda Civic that came out on top.

All but one vehicle tested is available in Australia, the only car we are yet to see here in some form is the Chevrolet Cruze, however we will soon have that offering in the form of the Holden Astra sedan.

Here’s how the judges ranked the small sedans:

8th place - Chevrolet Cruze

The verdict: The Cruze puts fuel efficiency at the forefront, but it comes at the expense of the driving experience and passenger comfort.

7th place - Mazda3

The verdict: Good interior quality and sporty dynamics can’t make up for the fact that the Mazda3‘s cabin is considerably smaller than the competition’s.

6th place - Hyundai Elantra

The verdict:  The Elantra is not the flashiest design here, but the unexpected extras and value for the price will please a lot of compact sedan shoppers.

5th place - Toyota Corolla

The verdict: The Corolla seems to be resting on reputation, not hustling to keep up with rapidly improving rivals in features and drivability, but kudos for making safety tech standard.

4th place - Volkswagen Jetta

The verdict: The Jetta makes up for its shortcomings with a lot of practicality and drivability. It’s a solid choice overall.

3rd place - Subaru Impreza

The verdict: The Impreza‘s strengths go beyond its AWD, but a poky drivetrain and lack of safety tech on our test car blunted some appeal.

2nd place - Kia Forte (Cerato)

The verdict: A well-rounded cabin and some high-tech features make the Forte a compelling option, but skip the sport-tuned suspension.

1st place - Honda Civic

The verdict: The Civic looks and feels almost a size class above the field in this Challenge and impressive attention to details and quality makes it feel more expensive, too.

Check out the full comparison review and more details on the Cars.com website.

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