2017 COTY - Peter Barnwell’s Finalists

Barney lists his best three cars of 2018

The race to 2017 Behind the Wheel Car of the Year (COTY) is heating up with the team coming up with their best cars/SUVs of the year.

First up is Peter Barnwell and his three COTY finalists (in no particular order)…

Hyundai i30 SR

A stunning car for the money across entire model range offering impressive performance and handling along with more accessible high-end driver assist technology.

The locally calibrated dynamics make it smooth and controlled over a wide variety of road surfaces and the new Hyundai i30 has a sensibly laid out dash and comfortable seats.

Definitely a benchmark in the class even against established cars like Volkswagen Golf and Mazda3.

Subaru XV

Wow, what an improvement over the first model, this one actually goes pretty well, looks good and offers all-wheel drive into the bargain.

The drive feel in the Subaru XV has been improved to a sporty level and interior noise levels reduced into the bargain.

It doesn’t sound like a boxer four that’s for sure. Useable load space, can go in the sand and moderate off-road driving.

Made in Japan too, big plus for me.

Honda CR-V

This is a game changer for Thai built vehicles because it’s so good. The fit and finish are first rate, it goes great even though there’s only a 1.5 (turbo) under the bonnet and has impressive dynamics for a medium SUV.

The Honda CR-V looks better this time around and has plenty of kit from the base model up.

Interesting line-up though with seven seats only in the 2WD (front) Luxury version.

We will bring you more Behind the Wheel COTY finalists over coming days.

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