2017 COTY - Alan Zurvas’ Finalists

We’re on the hunt for our best car of 2017 and will continue to bring you each of our contributor’s nominations.

This time we have three vehicles that have delighted Alan Zurvas through 2017 (in no particular order)…

Mazda MX-5 RF

mazda mx-5 rfNominated purely on fun factor, the new Mazda MX-5 is a joy to drive and is completely practical for two. Not all buyers want 7 seats, and 400kW monsters under the bonnet.

MX-5 delivers an experience, turning each drive into an adventure.

The clever roof provides security over and above the ragtop, but still allows the occupants to commune with nature. Nothing is more satisfying than a slow drive along a fragrant country lane, shaded by ancient trees.

And for the days when it is too hot, too wet, or too cold, the roof turns the MX-5 RF into an air-conditioned retro coupe, with all the comforts of home.

This convertible is a rare car that gives back far more than it costs to buy.

Volkswagen Arteon

2017 Volkswagen ArteonA car so safe that it will pull over and stop in the event the driver becomes incapacitated.

It limits damage from secondary accidents caused after an initial crash. It applies brakes so a stunned driver doesn’t roll into traffic, or off a cliff.

A cleverly packaged car that is spacious, classy, and comfortable, Volkswagen’s new Arteon cocoons occupants in a way previously only available to buyers who spent far more.

It ticks all the boxes, but importantly, has very few options.

Luxury brands are renowned for having all the good stuff as expensive options. Anything worth having, is an add-on.

A brisk 5.2 second 0-100, and frugal drinking habits, round off an impressive suite of pluses.

A final thought: it looks fabulous.

Range Rover SV Autobiography

Range-Rover-SVAutobiographyA car only a few can afford, but is, in effect, a lounge room capable of climbing a mountain.

It can wade into water almost a metre deep, and will crouch to let you in and out. The engine is extremely fast with a transmission that is as smooth as silk.

Of all of the cars driven this year, this one is the one which put the biggest smile on my face.

A luxurious cruiser, an off-road king, and a limousine, all rolled in to one, combined with good build and quality design, it is hard to beat.

SUVs are often forgotten in Car of the Year nominations because they appeal only to that certain group of people. Now, SUV sales outnumber passenger vehicles and cannot be so easily discounted.

There are many 4WD cars, but for me, the full-size Range Rover sits firmly at the top with no competition. It is the only truly luxury fully 4WD car on the market. The others are only AWD, and cannot compete.

It is thirsty, and expensive, but it is fast and capable, and I love it.

We’ll bring you more 2017 Behind the Wheel Car of the Year nominations in coming days.

Don’t forget that you can have your say, let us know which new car/SUV deserves the COTY trophy. Leave a comment below.

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