2016 Peugeot 2008 Outdoor Review

Peugeot 2008 Outdoor road test and review…

The 2016 Peugeot 2008 Outdoor is one of those cars that doesn’t get much attention and certainly flew under my radar but undeservedly so.

Overall I’ve been impressed by models out of the Peugeot stable this year and the Peugeot 2008 is no different.

Classed as a small SUV – and small it undoubtedly is– the 2008 is more like a hatchback in size and feel with the Outdoor placing it at the top of the range.

For this spec you’re looking at $32,990 which only comes in manual. Auto options are available in the Active and Allure variants.

I would have much preferred it in auto just from a comfort perspective but the manual transmission was trouble free.

Shifting was smooth and easy and comes with, thank God, a basic 6th position reverse shift (I’m not a fan of the pull-ring collar).

The 2008 comes with grip control for sand, snow and mud terrains denoted by the ‘Outdoor’ label. By no means off-road worthy and more suited for the European conditions it originates from.

The selector knob is situated between the gear knob and the large, horizontal, cock-pit style hand brake. This ergonomic design is actually quite comfortable and practical and I prefer it to the conventional lever.

Inside and the dash takes a similar appearance to the Peugeot 208 with the 7” touch screen protruding prominently out from the dashboard and similar styled gauges in the elevated HUD.

The steering wheel too is the same and the compact design provides a good feel for the road.

You know there isn’t much to fault when you don’t notice problems during the week of driving; the ride was quite and compliant.

It’s worth noting the fuel consumption is great at 6.1L/100km coming out of the 1.6L turbo engine.

Featuring in the 2008 is the large panoramic glass roof covering the front to back.

This is not a sunroof and can’t be opened but is shielded by a (very light) fabric blind.

Other standard inclusions are:

  • Satellite navigation
  • Dual zone climate
  • Electric folding mirrors
  • Autodimming rear view mirror
  • LED DRLs and tail lights
  • Auto wipers
  • Fog lights
  • 17” alloy wheels

The fabric seats are neat and well bolstered with average legroom front and back though space in the boot is somewhat limited.

I found that the Peugeot 2008 sits in a strange position – sort of too big to be a small manoeuvrable hatch and too large to be a decent cargo hauler.

Albeit it was pleasant to drive, has an attractive price point and caused no dramas during my week behind the wheel.

NUTS and BOLTS 2016 Peugeot 2008 Outdoor

Engine: 1.6L turbo diesel producing 68kW and 230Nm

Transmission: Five-speed  manual

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: France

Price: From $22,490

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