2016 Harley-Davidson Touring And Softail Models Recalled

Harley-Davidson has recalled a number of 2016 Touring and Softail models due to a hydraulic clutch system fault.

There are 669 motorcycles possibly affected by the issue and all were built between 17 July 2020 and 31 March 2020 in the US and between 17 September 2020 and 24 May 2020 outside the US.

In the ACCC recall notice, Harley-Davidson advises that “the hydraulic clutch system with black master cylinder on certain MY 2016 Touring and Softail motorcycles may exhibit a condition in which it may lose the ability to generate enough lift to disengage the clutch after being parked for an extended period.”

If the condition goes undetected it could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle when started in gear or first shifted into gear.

Harley-Davidson says this could result in a traffic hazard that could injure the rider or bystanders.

Owners can check whether their bike is involved in the recall at the Harley-Davidson maintenance website and if it is, they should take their motorcycle to their nearest Harley-Davidson dealer for inspection and repair as soon as possible.

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