2016 Ford Everest Titanium Road Test

2016 Ford Everest Titanium road test and review.

At the big end of the Ford range is the 2016 Ford Everest Titanium which is probably capable of scaling its equally big namesake mountain.

The large SUV was introduced last year and shares the same platform as the Ford Ranger with the same 3.2 litre turbo diesel engine under the bonnet, a six-speed auto transmission and 4×4 abilities.

Compared with the ute, the Ford Everest is slow off the mark and, though similar, the engine lacks power (143kW) and is made to work harder pulling along 270kg more in kerb weight constituted of the body and a total of seven seats.

Driving round the city, I found the Everest to be lumbering and sluggish with tad of body roll as it shifted the heavier mass.

Stopping distance also needed to be extended and the light, slightly vague steering didn’t track well and needed constant adjustment.

A compromise between size/weight and the diesel engine resulted in a fuel reading of 10.8L/100km which is average.

But then again it’s not built for the urban environment.

On the dirt is where the Ford Everest belongs as a 4WD with diff lock, low range and sand, snow, mud etc terrain options.

With a hefty 470Nm, there’s plenty of pulling power to get out of rough spots and the Everest has a towing capacity of 3000kg (500kg less than the Ranger).

The Titanium spec is the top of the three variant range and is priced at a rather steep $76,990.

For that kind of moolah you’d expect some comprehensive features.

Included are heated leather seats with 8-way powered adjustment in the front, HID headlamps, a tyre pressure monitor, panoramic sunroof, running boards with metallic finish and massive 20” alloy wheels.

In addition are some already standard components such as auto wipers, dual zone climate control, an electric tailgate, leather steering wheel, and a powered third row of seats controlled by a one-touch button in the boot.

The dash is uncomplicated with clear, colour driver info, climate control buttons sitting in the middle between the off-road controls and the standard Ford 4-quadrant touch screen SYNC 2 interface complete with sat nav and DAB.

A five-star safety rating has been awarded with aids like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, park assist and only found in the Platinum, blind spot monitoring.

The 2016 Ford Everest Titanium is competent but not mind-blowing. It’s fitted with some good kit in the top spec but the inflated price tag may see some buyers looking elsewhere.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2016 Ford Everest Titanium

Engine: 3.2L turbo diesel producing 143kW and 470Nm

Transmission: Six-speed sports automatic 4WD

Warranty: 3 Year/100,000 km

Safety: Five stars

Origin: Thailand

Price: From $76,990

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