2015 Toyota Prius V

2015 Toyota Prius V

The 2015 Toyota Prius V is our Car of the Week.

2015 Toyota Prius V
2015 Toyota Prius V - the Prius V was recently upgraded for 2016.

Australian car buyers are looking for good value, plenty of seats and great fuel economy and we reckon the 2015 Toyota Prius V is one vehicle that delivers all that.

Now, you might be asking exactly what a Toyota Prius V is and that’s no surprise given that it’s one of the Toyota products that never seems to get too much love and attention, and we think that’s a shame.

Yes, we are talking a hybrid, no this isn’t a five-door Prius hatch this is a seven-seat people mover!

That’s right, there’s a people-mover version of the Prius, and it’s available to buy right now from $34,490.

2015 Toyota Prius V - room for seven in the Toyota Prius V.

For that you get, naturally, seven-seats. You also get a super-efficient hybrid drivetrain that offers 73kW and 142Nm. Sure you aren’t going to be winning any drag races in the Prius V, but with urban fuel consumption in the 4.0L/100km range that is a nice trade-off!

All Prius V vehicles come with an automatic transmission as standard, while the entry-level model boasts alloy wheels, tilt and reach steering adjustment, reverse camera, push-button ignition and a head-up display (speed and other info projected onto the windscreen).

You also get full five star safety and green vehicle ratings!

With enough space in the rear for children, ample boot space when the third row isn’t being used and plenty of Toyota smart design and top quality fit and finish, if a little extra space and great fuel economy is what you are after, we reckon you should take a Prius V for a test drive.

Toyota recently gave the Prius V a 2016 make-over, check out the details here and read our most recent Toyota Prius V review here.

2015 Toyota Prius V - the modern interior of the Prius V.

NUTS and BOLTS – Toyota Prius V

Engine: 1.8 litre petrol/hybrid with total output 73kW and 142Nm

Transmission: CVT auto

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3yrs/100,000kms

Origin: Japan

Price: From $34,490

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