2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout petrol review filed by Joel Helmes.

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

If a sensible and well-equipped mid-size vehicle is on your shopping list then the 2015 Skoda Octavia Scout should be one you seriously consider.

In the past 6 months or so I have road tested and reviewed the sporty Skoda Octavia RS and the more off-road capable/all-wheel drive Skoda Octavia Scout in entry-level 110TDI trim.

Here again is an Octavia Scout model, which means all-wheel drive and some extra ground clearance over a regular Octavia (31mm), beefed up bumpers and some under-body protection too.

Powered by a 1.8 litre turbo-petrol engine producing 132kW/280Nm, the petrol version of the Octavia Scout is only available with a six-speed automatic transmission. So, it was really nice to get to know the petrol/auto version after testing out the diesel/manual.

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

What is my verdict on the two? The combination of petrol engine and auto transmission is easy to live with and does the job, but there is no way I would buy it over the diesel!

The Skoda Octavia Scout turbo-petrol is good, the turbo-diesel is even better!

The diesel/manual, with 110kW/340Nm was almost as spritely in initial acceleration as the petrol, but with 60Nm more torque and the ability to squeeze more from the turbo with the manual transmission, for me, easy – the diesel is the winner.

I averaged less than 7.0L/100kms with the diesel, the petrol/auto averaged 9.2L/100kms and while that’s not too bad, again the diesel is the winner (obviously).

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

In saying all that if you don’t want a manual then there is no good reason really not to opt for the Octavia 132TSI.

Running on the same 17” alloy wheels/50 Series tyres as the diesel Ambition grade, the Octavia Premium again delivers capable handling, a very easy to live with ride quality and sharp-enough steering.

Inside the cabin I did notice a couple of small differences between the models grades. Over the Ambition the Premium grade Octavia boasts:

  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Satellite-Navigation
  • Puddle Lamps on the door mirrors
  • Powered Tailgate
  • Heated front seats
2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

While the car I was provided had been fitted with the optional $3,900 Tech Pack. This pack contains a number of enhancements including an upgraded stereo system, Lane Departure System with Passive Steering (which works really well), Distance Control Cruise Control, push-button ignition and forward low speed collision mitigation.

Not an inexpensive pack for sure, though these additions certainly help round-out a very nice European car.

Oh, and there were a couple of little complaints. This was another car that reset itself back to the fresh air intake whenever the engine was restarted. I also had no luck trying to get my iPhone to sync up to play audio via the Bluetooth system – phone calls were easy, streaming audio, not so.

Interestingly I had the same issue with Bluetooth in the more cost effective Skoda variant. I was also a little surprised to see that the petrol-powered car didn’t have the thick rubber boot mat that featured in the diesel.

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

Again, the Skoda Octavia is yet to get an ANCAP safety rating.

Summing it up; I could very much see myself with a Skoda Octavia Scout in the driveway at home. It’s just the right size, is well priced (especially the diesel/manual) and has a quality feel about it.

My preference though, by a country mile, is the Octavia Scout 110TDI, give it a go first I reckon!

2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI Review.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Skoda Octavia Scout 132TSI

Engine: 1.8 litre turbo-petrol producing 132kW and 280Nm

Transmission: Six-speed automatic (only)

Safety: Not tested

Warranty: Three years

Origin: Czech Republic

Price: from $38,590

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