2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review

2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review.

Simon Lai road tests and reviews the 2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS.

2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review.

I recently got given the keys to the 2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS. The ASX is smallest of the Mitsubishi SUV range with prices starting at $24,990 for the manual and $26,990 for the auto.

Mounted on 17 inch alloy wheels, the Mitsubishi ASX has a surprisingly good turning circle given its size. Fuel economy during my stint was also impressive coming in at 8.4L/100km.

This is an easy car to drive; with a good dose of acceleration, smooth steering and gearbox made it a pleasure to drive. There’s enough power in the 110kW/197Nm to get it going and keep it moving and is quiet from inside the cabin.

The steering wheel is correctly weighted, not too hard or too light, allowing you to feel good contact with the road.

2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review.

Gears are very smooth to change but the gear stick itself is much too long for my liking and feels ungainly. Though the clutch is also even with a high friction point so shifting requires little effort.

All round visibility is excellent and is aided by the proportionately large wing mirrors. Backing up is no problem with the reversing camera and sensors but unfortunately the LS doesn’t come with navigation.

On the inside, features are basic which is expected from a base model. The ASX LS comes with a touchscreen, 3-dial A/C controls, Bluetooth, power mirrors, fabric seats, leather steering wheel and gear knob. Steering wheel controls are also straightforward – audio, Bluetooth and cruise control.

There’s a decent sound system but on the down side, like my experience with other models in the line-up, iPod connectivity is slow. And I mean…slow. A short trip to the local shops is almost over before the audio system can locate the first track.

2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review.

Gauges and trip computer are simple and clear, while the rest of the dash and internal panelling has good fit and finish with glossy inserts in the centre console.

One minor fault with construction was the misaligned windscreen wiper that encroached onto the viewing area though it’s not all that obvious.

If you upgrade yourself to the XLS, you can get smart keyless entry, push button start, sun roof and sat nav from $31,490. Both variants also come in 4WD with 2.2L turbo diesel engines.

Cabin storage is a pretty standard affair with one rear seat pocket, a bottle holder on the door, cup holders and ash tray in the centre console while the centre box has a dual tray that doubles as an extendable armrest.

2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS Review.

The rear seats fold down to enlarge the already spacious boot. On a day out at the park I managed to fit two bikes in the back. The seat belts are also detachable from their guide however, there is no underfloor storage space.

Safety-wise, the ASX comes with a full complement of airbags and a five star ANCAP rating.

On the whole, the Mitsubishi ASX LS was a pleasure to drive even as a base model with manual transmission. Sure it doesn’t have added features or a lot of muscle, but like a film with good acting, you don’t notice any faults and just sit back and enjoy the experience.

NUTS and BOLTS – 2015 Mitsubishi ASX LS

Engine: 2.0 litre petrol producing 110kW and 197Nm

Transmission: Six-speed auto or five-speed manual

Warranty: 5 year/100,000km

Safety: Five Stars

Origin: Japan

Price: From $24,990

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