2015 Jaguar XE S purrs like a kitty cat

Bec drives and reviews the 2015 Jaguar XE S.

The all-new mid-sized 2015 Jaguar XE is the most affordable Jaguar since the sorely missed X-TYPE that left the market in 2009.

With prices from $60,400 why not check it out as a chic family friendly option? That sort of money gets you into the 2.0 turbocharged four-cylinder version, I was lucky enough to be handed the keys to the sportiest XE, the Jaguar XE S, an offering that starts from $104,200.

There can’t be a better word than “Style” to describe this wild cat, because I found it to simply ooze it out of every perfectly placed leather stitch and accent, chrome and alloy surface. Oh, and I loved the programmable cabin lighting, what girl doesn’t want to match her accessories and mood?

As a mum I love the brilliantly clear image from the reverse camera, its perfection in its scope as well as the super easy and smart 8-inch touchscreen. The sporty leather seats were more comfortable than I expected, the only letdown was that heated seats don’t come standard (a $1,240 option well worth taking).

I’m no basketballer, in fact at 5 foot 3 I can find visibility from the driver’s seat in some cars a challenge, not so in the new Jag XE.

Oh and did I mention the effortless steering? Because if you missed that point let me reinforce what a beautifully responsive wheel and supercharged V6 engine. It may be a tad sporty for some but in my option it just works.

Sure the back middle seat isn’t great for the long haul but the XE needs to be let out and run free because in around town driving I felt I was holding her back.

I might have a soft spot for the German’s, especially a nice BMW, but the new Jaguar XE has charisma and charm that makes it a car I’d love to drive day and night!

P.S. I miss the leaping Jaguar emblem on the bonnet!

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  1. I recently bought an XE and after the poor quality and non-existent customer service I never will again, or recommend them. I got the premium paint. The car has 3 significant manufacturing paint defects, a dent in the B pillar between the doors that has been painted over and the rear spoiler is fitted off center. After 2 months of calling Jaguar Australia for rectification all they have offered is a respray at a smash repairer. Not something I will accept for a brand new car. Jaguar sold me a factory second at a new car price and now take no responsibility. Stick with the German cars people, Jaguar Australia have no care for the customer (first hand experience). Jaguar Australia continue to trash an iconic brand. The Jaguar warranty is not worth the paper it is written on.

    • Hi Ash, Thank you for letting us know your experiences with the Jaguar XE. We are more than happy to follow up your case with Jaguar Australia on your behalf as we are sure that they wouldn’t want one of their customers not getting the product and after sales service that they paid for/expect. Let us know if you would like us to do that.


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