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2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review

Simon Lai road tests and reviews the 2014 Honda Jazz VTi.

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review.

Honda’s latest version of the Jazz has had a facelift with an appearance that is more menacing while retaining the overall shape.

The Honda Jazz has a new, more sporty grille and is accentuated by a deep gash down the side of the body.

The base model VTi is available in both a CVT auto coming in at $16,990 and a 5-speed manual which starts a very affordable $14,990.

Both possess a 1.5L engine with an output of 88kW and 145Nm and a listed combined fuel of economy of 5.8L/100km.

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review.

This is the same engine as the one in the Honda City but being a little smaller and lighter acceleration is an improvement and the drive is spirited even in Econ mode.

However, the engine is noticeably noisy which takes away from an otherwise enjoyable experience.

I drove the auto option which allows you to switch to a 7-speed manual mode controllable with paddle shifters. This gets a little tiresome after a while given that you have to change thru a couple of extraneous gears.

Like the City, the Jazz also contains the same gear stick, steering wheel controls and dash features including the A/C controls and touch screen with delayed response.

Visibility is good through both front and rear but the A-pillar splits into a ‘Y’ creating a quarter window reducing overall visibility and change the shape of the door.

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review

2014 Honda Jazz VTi Review.

There are limited storage spots though a nice feature is the cup holder in front of the A/C vent on the right side of the steering wheel.

Legroom is restricted in the driver’s seat but is reasonable adequate for rear passengers. Though you’re more likely to carry stuff than people in the back with the Jazz.

The highlight of the model are the ‘magic’ rear seats that easily fold upwards creating more floor space to help carry tall, upright items.

The Jazz also comes with Bluetooth, a reversing camera and a full set of airbags but is yet to receive an ANCAP safety rating.

Overall, the Jazz VTi is not flashy but with good get up and go, great standard features and an attractive price tag, it’s hard to pass up.

Feel free to check out my follow-up review of the flagship Honda Jazz VTi-L here.


Engine: 1.5 litre petrol producing 88kW and 145Nm

Transmission: CVT auto and 5-speed manual

Safety: Not tested

Warranty: Three years

Origin: Japan

Price: $16,990 – auto, $14,990 - manual

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