2013 Hyundai i40 Diesel Review

2013 Hyundai i40 Diesel Review

Chris Miller road tests and reviews the 2013 Hyundai i40 Active diesel.

2013 Hyundai i40 Diesel Review
2013 Hyundai i40 Diesel Review.

Of all the Hyundai’s I’ve driven recently, the i40 feels the most accomplished.

The Hyundai i40 Active diesel tested is the entry-level variant retailing for $34,590, and for those dollars it is very well equipped.

The 1.7 litre 4 cylinder turbo diesel is refined, powerful and economical.

Returning an impressive 6.6 litres per 100km (as tested) in a mainly urban environment, it has potential for even better results with constant use of EcoMode, which dulls throttle responses and encourages the gearbox to shift up earlier, which doesn’t really have that big an impact on the driving experience.

Developing 100kW and 320Nm, there’s a decent shove that provides plenty of pace, and very little turbo lag, which can be quite evident in other modern turbo-diesels.

Even when pushed to spin to the top of the rev range the little diesel remains smooth and strong, although with maximum torque at 2000rpm you’d rarely need to push that hard.

The familiar six-speed Hyundai built automatic does a good job and can be manually shifted if you desire, although regardless of your input, it will shift up if it thinks there’s too many revs on board, and at times it won’t hold the gear all the way to the red line.

The ride in the Hyundai i40 is excellent. Fine tuned to Australian conditions, the 60 series tyres provide a reasonably plush ride that’s not easily unsettled.

A softer suspension doesn’t really hamper your progress through the corners, with the McPherson struts keeping the front end sorted, although it does tend to under steer under pressure.

The rear multi-link suspension set up keeps the back end in touch with the road, but can become a bit floaty under heavy braking into a corner although you need lots of speed for it to become really apparent.

Styling is a strong point both inside and out with the Hyundai i40. The exterior is thoroughly modern affair and the i40 wouldn’t look odd with a BMW badge on it. The daytime running lights give the front of it a bit of a surprised look and is probably the only styling weak point.

Inside space abounds, and fit and finish is first class. Premium materials give everything a nice feel, right down to the noise the indicators make. The Hyundai i40 Active, the base model, has front & rear sensors, climate control and auto headlights, but does miss out on things like reversing cameras & collision avoidance systems.

As with all Hyundai’s value is strong and is only enhanced by the capped price servicing program and their confidence inspiring 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty.

In comparison to its competition, the Hyundai i40 undercuts most of its diesel counterparts (Volkswagen’s Jetta springs immediately to mind) by a considerable margin, however there are a few petrol powered cars (most notably Mazda’s 6 & Honda’s Accord Euro) which it is on par with.

If it’s a mid-size family hauler you’re after the key is to be sure to include the Hyundai i40 Diesel in any comparison…whilst it’s not the most sporting, it’s certainly a very capable, accomplished vehicle that is entirely worthy of consideration.


Engine: 1.7 litre turbo diesel developing 100kW and 320Nm

Transmission: Six-speed automatic

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: Five years

Origin: South Korea

Price:  From $34,590

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