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2012 Holden Colorado LTZ Review

2012 Holden Colorado LTZ Road Test and Review…

I had the chance to check out the top of the range Holden Colorado LX dual-cab last week (you can catch that review here).

This week I had the keys to the 2012 Holden Colorado LTZ, again in 4×4.

The 2012 Holden Colorado LTZ comes only in the extended cab configuration and is the premium version of the not quite two-door and not quite dual-cab set-up.

Priced at $49,490 the LTZ is aimed squarely at ute buyers looking for a little comfort and refinement, and who don’t regularly have more than one passenger.

If you haven’t seen an extended cab Colorado up-close, essentially you get a small door that opens in the opposite direction to the cabin doors on both sides of the vehicle.

Inside this area there are two small fold-down bench seats, if you aren’t carrying passengers you can fold these up and utilize the additional space and access.

Let me make the point from the outset however, the bench seats in the back are really only suitable for short journeys (unless you want to subject your passengers to cruel and unusual punishment!).

Leg room back there is also very limited.

Under the bench seats there are two small hidden storage areas; one contains the jack and wheel wrench etc.

Again the Holden Colorado LTZ is the top of the range extended cab Colorado, what I found interesting however was the differences between this premium model and the top of the range LX.

For example the LTZ gets a digital climate control panel which looks good but I must say is overly complicated and situated too low on the dash.

You also get really attractive chrome wing mirrors and chrome rear bumper, the chrome treatment also extends to the internal door handles and transmission selector.

Another big difference, and one I can’t get my head around, is the addition of really attractive 17” alloy wheels on the extended cab variant.

Sadly LX dual-cab buyers are stuck with plain old 16” steel wheels.

Bringing up the overall feel, and boosting the exteriors looks, the Holden Colorado LTZ comes standard with a sports bar and side-steps, and inside you get upgraded seat coverings as well as a fully electric driver’s seat.

As with the LX however I was unhappy with the brake pedal feel which again was disinterested until pushed beyond at least 10-15mm.

The steering is also a bit too heavy and vague for my liking and the rear leaf-spring suspension is great for carrying loads but let’s down the ride for the occupants.

Mated with rear drum brakes the big Holden is certainly not boasting a cutting-edge rear end!

The diesel engine, which delivers heaps of power and torque without using too much fuel, is just too noisy and sadly this brings down the otherwise somewhat refined nature of this premium offering.

And just like the LX, satellite navigation and a rear reversing camera aren’t even on the options list. This is excusable on a sub-$30,000 ute offering but when nudging $50,000 they should at least be on a vehicles agenda.

Summing it up the Holden Colorado is an attractive and adaptable truck that despite its flaws is rather likeable.

Still, for $49,490 I would be checking out what some of the competition has to offer before signing on the dotted line.


Engine: 2.8 litre turbo diesel delivering 132kW and 470Nm

Transmission: Six-speed auto or six-speed manual

Safety: Five stars

Warranty: 3yrs/100,000kms

Origin: Thailand

Price: From $49,490

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