2008/09 Skoda Octavia vehicles recalled in Australia

Possible ABS issue sees Skoda Octavia recall initiated…

Own an early series Skoda Octavia? If so you might be heading back to your local Skoda dealership.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is now overseeing a recall of a total 548 2008/09 Skoda Octavia cars after a possible issue with the ABS was found.

Is your Skoda Octavia affected? Check your VIN here.

The recall notice advises that the thermal overload within the ABS control unit can interrupt the current flow to the ABS control unit.

This would stop the ABS from functioning correctly and would illuminate the warning light on the dash.

What are the hazards?

A failed ABS/ESC system can restrict the protection provided. This can potentially lead to a danger of an accident, especially in critical driving situations.

Owners of affected vehicles will be contacted in writing by Skoda Australia and the software for the ABS/ESC control unit that regularly checks the function of the unit will be updated.

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