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20% of cars need repairs and owners know it

20% of cars need repairs and owners know it

UK research finds car owners are avoiding repair bills…

There’s a very high percentage of cars on the roads that need repairs according to new UK research.

Motoreasy found almost one in five cars in use in the UK has an issue that needs attention, such as worn out brakes or a light that doesn’t work, and the owners of their cars have admitted they know that the issues exist.

The reason these faults aren’t rectified? The car owners say they can’t afford to make the repairs.

Men (19.5%) were found to be more inclined to dodge necessary car repairs than women (17.3%).

The study comes as the UK government considers introducing annual vehicle inspections for cars over three years old, rather than the existing four years.

Remember, in Australia, many states and territories don’t do annual vehicle checks at all.

Motoreasy’s Duncan McClure Fisher says the findings are concerning.

“Drivers are clearly prioritising other commitments ahead of their cars,”

“Naturally, that comes with a risk – especially if it relates to safety-critical items like brakes, steering, power and visibility.

“That is a risk to all road users, not just the faulty vehicle and its occupants.”

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