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1998 Honda Civic takes ‘most stolen car’ title in 2016

Data shows old Honda are popular

Car thieves are targeting old Honda cars, not because they’re great to drive, but simply because they’re easy to pinch!

That’s the message coming out of the 2016 U.S. car theft statistics.

Released overnight by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the data shows the 1998 Honda Civic was the most stolen car in the U.S. last year.

The Civic was followed closely by the 1997 Honda Accord.

The NICB says those Honda’s don’t have ‘smart key’ tech and that makes them ripe for the picking.

This is proven by the fact that later Honda cars with the security system are basically never stolen!

2016’s Most Stolen Cars:

It isn’t just old cars that are getting stolen, the data shows that among the MY16 vehicles it was the Toyota Camry most often pinched, the mid-size model followed by Nissan’s Altima and the Toyota Corolla.

NICB President and CEO Joe Wehrle says the data shows that anti-theft technology is working, but complacency can defeat it.

“The increase in vehicle thefts over the past two years should be a reminder that drivers must do their part to protect their vehicles,”

“Anti-theft systems in newer model cars and trucks are excellent, but they don’t work if you don’t use them.

“Far too many thefts occur because the vehicle is left unlocked and the key or fob is inside.

“Taking the time to lock it up every time you leave it can save a whole lot of headache and expense in the long run.”

How best to protect your car? Check out these anti-theft tips and read about a new Australian-designed anti-theft system.

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