Fiat Chrysler boss says No to VW talks

Fiat Chrysler boss says No to VW talks

Marchionne says he has no interest in talking with Volkswagen…

24 hours after the Volkswagen boss urged his Fiat Chrysler (FCA) counterpart, Sergio Marchionne, to pick up the phone for a chat about the future, the Italian CEO said he had no interest in talking to the German.

The latest development comes after Mr. Marchionne had publicly stated on more than one occasion that he was keen to talk to rivals about possible mergers or deals.

As we reported here, VW boss Matthias Mueller said he was happy to begin talks with Mr. Marchionne in regards to consolidation options that might assist Volkswagen in its quest to become the world’s biggest-selling car manufacturer.

But the FCA boss says he won’t be making any call to Mr. Mueller.

“I will not call Matthias. I have no interest.”

“If he wants to come, he knows where I live,” he said. “I didn’t chase him and I have no intention of chasing him. But if I’m right on consolidation and the fact you need to build scale, we’re the natural place to go for him.”

Something tells us there will be more to come on this story, we will keep you posted.

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