Drivers choose fuel economy over safety features

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Safety not top priority for most car buyers

Road safety advocates will be disappointed, but you wouldn’t think necessarily surprised, at the results of a recent driver study conducted in the U.K.

The study, commissioned by road safety charity Brake and Direct Line found that safety features are less of a priority for drivers when choosing a vehicle than its brand.

In fact, survey respondents put safety technologies third on a list of decision-making factors.

In front of safety was car reliability and fuel economy.

Less than half of drivers (48%) named safety as one of their three most important considerations.

Among young drivers (aged 17-24) it was even fewer, less than two in five (37%).

Almost one in five young drivers (17%) said their prospective cars infotainment system, a potential distraction risk, was one of their most important features in choosing a vehicle.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said the results are disappointing.

“When choosing a vehicle to drive on public roads, safety should always be the number one consideration.”

“However, any vehicle is ultimately only ever as safe as the person driving it, and choosing the safest possible vehicle still needs to be combined with legal, considerate driving.”

In other related news; BMW works to get owners green lights and AMA and ANCAP push for mandatory Autonomous Emergency Braking.

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