Demand to grow for internal combustion engines

Report shows new engine tech to help increase demand…

Demand to grow for internal combustion engines

Don’t write-off the internal combustion engine yet, a report is predicting a strong increase in demand for the traditional vehicle engine tech in coming years.

The 2017 Internal Combustion Engine Market Report is predicting a 7% growth in the number of internal combustion engines being fitted to vehicles over the next five years.

Cutting-edge petrol engine tech will drive much of that growth.

That technlogy, primarily, is homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), a revolutionary take on the traditional internal combustion engine’s inner workings.

Proponents of HCCI engines, including Mazda, say HCCI engines deliver the torque and efficiency of a diesel engine, with the power and convenience of a petrol.

Check out how HCCI engines work…

Mazda recently confirmed it would be utilizing the HCCI engine technology from next year.

The SkyActiv Mazda petrol engine with HCCI tech is being tipped to use 30% less fuel than the current engine when it lands in 2018.

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