LASER Navig8r Pro X Review

March 16, 2017 Simon Lai

A dash cam and navigator all in one from LASER… LASER is breaking through into other forms of technology in an expansion of their product range from the traditional computer accessories. Exemplified by their car […]

LASER Power Bank CJ6000 Review

March 10, 2017 Simon Lai

Never be short of a charge or a jump start… If you’re an IT geek, like me, you’d be aware that LASER was once known for blank CDs, floppy disks and other PC paraphernalia. But […]

Belkin Car Power Valet Review

February 17, 2017 Simon Lai

We road test and review a premium car charger by Belkin… The one thing worse than running out of phone charge is not having enough time to charge its slowly depleting battery. Car chargers make […]

Hema HX-1 Navigator Review

December 29, 2016 Simon Lai

There’s satellite navigators and there’s satellite navigators. But I’ve never come across something like the Hema HX-1 Navigator. A GPS navigation system, the Hema (that’s Hee-ma) HX-1 comes with camera recording and maps not only […]

Navman MY660LMT Review

September 19, 2016 Joel Helmes

I’m always surprised at just how much technology Navman manages to squeeze into its products, especially at such reasonable pricing. If you have a vehicle that doesn’t have sat-nav, and/or Bluetooth, then an investment in […]

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